Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place in Los Santos and in surrounding countryside,beaches,villages,towns,little towns,little cities,forests,lakes,rivers,mountains,highways and so on.Los Santos is one of 3 mega cities which were in State of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.City was one of the biggest cities in GTA 3 Era/World.It is based on Los Angeles.As Rockstar Games said there is only one megalopolis in GTA V—Los Santos.There is no San Fierro or Las Venturas.But they could be there.San Andreas is located on West Coast.In GTA IV it was a state,because it is a lot of clue,which tell us about State Of San Andreas.We don't know will there be State Of San Andreas in GTA V.We will write here only the most important news and facts,information about State Of San Andreas in GTA V.After this we will write more and more about each thing in San Andreas See You Soon!!!